ToDo MVC Example

Comparing front-end libraries and frameworks to determine the best approach for a specific application can be difficult. Some are better suited for Single Page Applications (SPAs), while others work well with Multiple Page Applicationis (MPAs). Modstache is well suited for use with both architectural approaches as it can work directly with DOM elements prerendered by the server or created dynamically in JavaScript.

One way to compare front-end libraries and frameworks is to code a well defined application using the various frameworks. One of these "comparison" apps is TodoMVC - The Todo MVC application is an SPA using standard CSS, routing requirements and UI behavior to create a To Do list. The application includes links to show active and completed items, a text box to enter new items and the ability to edit an existing item among other things. It has been ported to a variety of popular frameworks. The Modstache port is available by clicking the buttons at the top of the page.